Papahawk Music and Art - Film makers,mentors, poets, writers, musicians

Nick Athas is a film maker who through his work mentors students and young people.

Nathaniel Papahawk Goldberg instructs poetry and writing concepts from poetic improv. to the development and publication of the novel. Papahawk is also a jazz vocalist and plays piano and  keyboard performing throughout Westchester County.

Christopher Dean Sullivan, superb musician, primarily bass does everything else completing the total Papahawk Music and Art concept.


Who we are:

                writers, poets, instructors, musicians

       -        performance artists


                photographers, film makers

Whom we serve:

               those who suffer from Parkinson's disease

                the general public interested in the arts

                children & teens from low-income homes

                children & teens from high-risk homes

                adults with stress & trauma-related health & wellness issues

                children & adults with psychiatric-related issues

What we do:

                workshops, classes, concert presentations at various  venues - VA hospitals, psyche hospitals,   libraries, colleges, cafes, places of worship, & other appropriate venues in addition to the                 Papahawk Cultural Derivative