-----Original Message----- From: Richard Eisenberg To: papahawk64@aol.com Sent: Tue, Aug 10, 2010 12:35 pm Subject: book Hi again Hawk Daddy, Just wanted to reiterate what I said on the phone, yesterday. Your book was a real pleasure to read - from beginning to end. The imagery was non-stop, always different, and very colorful. I especially like the fact that you focused on love throughout, in all its aspects - the glory and beauty as well as the disappointment and loneliness, but always the passion, which I think most people can relate to and identify. I certainly did - all the way! I will reread it over and over, as I said, and expect to get something different each time. Thank you again for honoring me with my copy and I look forward to your next volume. In the meanwhile, much success with this book - I hope you sell a million! Stay well. Peace, Rich She appears through the darkness, at one time the closeness of a lover now transformed into a friend, the end of the beginning, yet it is lost never to be or perhaps never was. So many possibilities, so many questions. Prove that the Latino women keep their word, or was it an excuse, afte

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